Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, November 26, 2009
THis being THanksgiving and all I know that i amsure thankful for a lot of thigns
first you know the man they call troublemaker sam
well he helped me out with my Hair Styilng
oha nd that girl she helped out too
and now i am SLeeker than ever and you cannot ever say oh hey there goes abbie the walking throw rug

all is good for now it is colder and I shall be growing a new rug as They say

so I thought I should tkae the time and tell you all about Thanks giving because it is a very good time aorund here when it happens

it all goes back to a very long time ago ah wen there these cats they called pilgrims
they were Making a Pilgrimation from the land across the ocean to over here, which is across the ocean from oer there

I looked it up on GOggle maps it is all true

and they Settled down and called the place NEw England so that nobody would confuse it with Regular England

and things were going okay for a while
they were doing pretty good for themselves
but then when winter came oh brother was It a nightmare
dont ever do that if you have a chance by the wya
if someone comes up to you and says Hey buddy wanna go to the New World and spend a winter there
say No thank you I shall wait until after you have your Revolution

so undersatndably when the time came for the next winter to roll around these cats were Pretty worried
but then they got to tlaking with the Cats who had ALready Been Living there
these cats by the way
i gotta say
they get the Short end of the stick by the end of it all
I mean really unfair
It's like when they put you in a SMall room and say
oh Sorry Abbie but we have to use the dining room right now
this fine sushi dinner just Isnt for the lieks of YOU

now take that
and make it like a Million times even MOre unfair
thats those cats
I mean
unliike Yours Truley
they werent even doing anything Wrong

but back in the Piligrims days these cats were doing pretty good for themselves
they had COrn
and it was called Maize
but you could say corn if you wanted to
and they said hey New Cats on the block
here's maize which we think you will really like
and when you Grow it then you can make all kinds of food
and grow some more

Needles to say this made the pilgirms very happy
as well as my ancestor Restaurant joe

remember Restauarnt joe
theres a song about restauarnt joe

anyway in those days he was known as Elder Restaurant JOseph
I looked it up
but I am going to still just call him Rest Joe from now on becaus the last time I told you about him I got REAlly SIck and tired of writing it aLL THE TIME

so Rest Joe he was part of the Pilgrimings and he piped up and he said well you know I have been wanting to make some fine food for everybodyt for a long time now only we have been running low on every ingredient

but I bet that if we took what we got and shared it what with the Cats over there
and use their maize corn too
we can have our selves a feastt that cant be beat

and thats just what they did, everybody got together and I guess they used a big kitchen
and Rest Joe made all his favrite Specialties
when you asked him if something was on the menu he said it is now
and the other cats they stopped by and made their own stuff and stuffing
it was pretty wild
I bet they even had turnips
Because they had a song about the meal
and it went you can get anything you want at restaurant joe's restaurant
Except for the restaurant

afterwards when they were all full everybdoy took a nap
but not before rest joe tapped his fork to his mug and said
okay I want to thank everybody who came out and did their thing
and helped put a lot of food on the table
and I want to thank the other cats because they saw we Were in a FIx
and there's a lot of other things to thank
and I Bet you have a few in your life too
so think about that for a bit
and then you can take a Nap because I know I will

and they slept for quit ea while and then they got up and ran around batting small rocks in to the goals
all in all not bad a holiday for a first try

anyway I Am awriting all this cause I got my own turkey dinner tonight
WIth all the trimmings Thankyou very Much
and that's a lot to be thankful for

now I am oging to take a nap
the batting of the small rocks shall commence at oh 3:30 this A M

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