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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
WEll there is finlaly snow here on the ground
and you know what that means
that means it is the time of year where we have holidays
The pourpose of the holidays is to celebrate
celebrat what you may ask
the answer is SImple
you celebrate snow

NOw at htis point I should like to tell you about a cousin of mine
who invented holidays
and I should also point out that when I say cousin I mean it
even though I never met the fellow FOr he lived a long time ago
but all cats are related you see
big small tall gray or with no tails
all cats are members of the same famly

execpt the saber toothtigers
we had to kick them out of the family
they were the black sheep of the family you you see
If by mblack you mean balck and orange striped
adn by sheep you mean cats with fangs where their teeth should be
they were no good
and if you read your history you know full well They came to a Bad END
thats all I am going ot say about THEM

so it cameto pass that I had a cousin and his name was Restauarnt Joe
now you may think that is an odd name for a cat
well it is
bnut I'm not making this stuff up here
Restaurant JOe was a great cat and everybody liked him
becuase if you were hungry and wanted food you knew right where to go
you went to REstuarnt Joe
and he would say Well hello come on in sit on down lets get this meal started
and before you know it you had eaten your fill
and it was really good food too
so good you burped
that pleased restaurant joe and hed say come back again real soon
and be sure to bring your appetites

you can probably tell that REstuarnant Joe was not a regular kind of cat
well he wasnt
for one who ever heard of a cat giving away food
seriously that is just un heard of
and thats what everybody thought too
cause they said hey reastaurant Joe
How come you're giving away all this food
and he srhugged and licked his paw and dragged it over his head
and he said cause thats just the way I am baby

I did not jst make up the part where he said baby
I told you he was cool

but stil everybody was skeptical as well they should be
they said hey rest. joe
(I am ssaying rest. joe from now on because I am sick of typing resturant joe)
they said hey rest. joe surely you must want SOmething for giving away all this food
and rest. joe said no not really
and they said surely there is someing you would like in exchange
and he said not really
and they said surely again
and he said well okay There is something I like
and they said what is it you like
and he said Socks

so everybody said okay when we come voer to visit and eat your delicioius food we are going to Give you socks
he said oh no my house is too small
just one sock will do

and even then he continued
MAybe you could only do that once a year
I only have four paws and I Dont need all that many socks
and I may be restaurnt joe but Im not laundromat joe okay

fine said the people after sighing
we wil only bring one sock once a year
and restaurant joe said Im also very particular about my socks
I dont want argyle or blue
so howzabout you just put the socks up somewhere I can see them
and if I like one I will take one
okay said everybody lets go put our socks up by the fireplace
cats like fireplaces

so once a year when the snow came down all the people would put their socks up by the fireplace
and they put candls in their windows and color lights outside so that Restuarnt Joe would know where to look
and fake deer that werent made out of deer they were made out of lights
I dont know how they did that

and every year restaurnt joe would visit and look over the socks
but I dont think I ever heard of him acutally taking one
maybe he didnt really need the socks and just told people that
so they'd stop pestering him with stupid questions
sometimes he would put stuff in the socsks
what a surprise that would be
you putyour foot in and oh hello an orange

the first time they did this everybody was happy
they all got food and restaurnt joe got his socks
even though he didn't take any
and it all worked out
gee this was great said restaurant joe
it's a real holiday
yeah said everybody else
even though resaurant joe just made the word holiday up
you dont question words people just made up
who are you to say thats wrong
it wasnt YOUR idea

so thats the story of how my cousin restaurant joe invented holidays
ask any cat its true

by the way sclelebrating snow is very easy to do
its lots of fun and you can do it inside
thats why it's fun
you dont actually ahve to go out in it

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