Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, June 26, 2005
WAIt what has happened to my webpage
hllo blogger

OH boy is it so hot
it is really hot
we are hiding out in the bathroom it is hot
the other cat is curled up enxt to the terlet
i tell her it is very sunseemly to be doing so
for instance nobody sleeps around OUr catbox

being so hot there is not much tod o
i mangaged to find a fly to talk to
we had a conversation but it was not very interesting
hello fly I said my name is abbie
buzz buzz buzz said the fly
how ar eyou doing today I said
buzz buzz buzz food food buzz food buzz buzz food said the fly
I said i didnt see any food here
buzz buzz buzz buz buzz said the fly
it was then I realized i dont know how to speak fly
so i chased him out the window

all in all it is more rewarding to talk to the wall

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