Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, December 25, 2004
Okay so there s a new recipe I just heard about today for Chirsmtas
it goes like this

first you take teh DUck
then you put it in the Chicken
then you put it in the turkey
then you COok it
and then you Garnish whatever that means
and serve
to the cat

the last line is not in the actual recipe I dont think
but I put it in there just to be safe

ho ho burp

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
well the hOliday season is upon us and you know what That means, time fo rthe holidays
often it is tough to find a perfect Presnet for someone
well I have just the sugestion

in a box

it is easy and good

how easy isi it, you ask
well let's say you got me some food in a box
first it is easy because you don't even have to put the food in the box, it's already there
you just wrapit up and put my name on it and off you go
when you get to me you say here abbie here is a present for you
and I go oh boy what is it, let me unwrap it
then I see that there is a box, and there is food in it
and I say now this is the best present you could give me, Thank you
then it is time to eat

look at that, you just made my holiday season
also i would suggest the food be something i Like, so it pays to shop around

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