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Sunday, September 26, 2004
Hello, it's me again Martha.
I am writing this because Abbie took pictures of his adventures in the hero game.
He does not know how to show the pictures so I said I would show them for him.
But he insists on typing what he wants to say.
So when the pictures are shown and there is writing, it is what he is saying and not me.
I would not say such things about the pictures.
My pictures are better.
Here are his pictures.
Oops the pictures got broken again so they're not here.

This is the story of ABbie the Ninja and his adventures
look there's me Abbie and I am talking to someone on the street
"Oh you must help us" they say "There are bad guys in the building across the way, can you help us"

I say "Why yes I willd o my best as usual"

This must be where the bad guys are
it is funny because it looks like every other building in the city
but that is the sneaky thing about bad guys, they hide in the places you do Not hthink to look in
So I will go in

see what did I tell you
so I say NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT CRIME and we have a fight

the numbers show up and they mean red if you are getting hurt and orange if you are beating them up
here it is red because you sometimes Have to take your lumps
it is a very pitched battle and it is full of excitemtnt
I had to make a new ninja becaus the other cat kept bugging me and saying ninjas have swords and not ice shots
now she is bugging me some more
in the middel of the story even

and naturaly I am victorious
stop it
IAM typing here
get awayfrom the keyboarrd
i can say wahat I want

hurray we saved grandma

after all this fighting it is Time for a tastey snack so I am making up my mind
being a hero is hard because you have so many choices to choose from

that is the game in a nut shell
yes we use virtue serevrs
but we dont play much except for today
and I Dont play with Groups becaus i am a Ninja and also they buged me about my ice shots too

Friday, September 10, 2004
IWAs playing the superhero game today and someone said abbie wher eis your battlecry
I said I dont cry in battle
they said no the batle cry is the thing you say when you are ready to fight
like "now I am ready to fight"
the thing had one becaus he said its clobbering time
and the hulk had one because he said RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

so i thought about it forawhile and then I decided
i say NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT CRIME and that rhyms so you can see it is VEry good

here is whathappens in the super hero game
first you put in your name and pasword
then you choose your hero
if you mess up you choose the other cat's hero
but she made mep romise not to choose hers or else I would get in trouble
I dont see why I would get into trouble all Iwould do is run around as her saying things like "oh ABbie the NInja is far better than I am"

then you patrol for criminals
this means you walk around on the streets
I saw two bad guys harras a fat guy
so I said NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT CRIME and fought them
I won of course
the fat guy said oh thank you for saving me
I said whoa hey you are fat

then I went into a factory to find bad guys
someone told me to go look for them there
these are people you talk to
they say Hello abbie you sure are a powerful hero, go and fight some bad guys for me
the factory was empty and I said I hope there are not any bad guys here because they will be sorry they are bad if I find them
then I said wait I mean I hope there are bad guys there so I can fight them
and there are lots of them
and I am surounded

but does ABbie the ninja give up

that's when the ice shots come out
and they get frozen
even though it was time af ew seconds ago
I was busy with the ice shots

all in all I won
for my reward another fat guy said congratulations abbiie you saved the factory
wonder what it is with this game and fat guys

Sunday, September 05, 2004
I started playing a newgame today
it is the Super HERo game
in it you are a super hero
you have to go around the city fighting Crime
it is a fungame and you can be a super hero

I signed up and it said make a superhero
and I made aABBie the Ninja
he is a ninja who shots fireballs and can zap enemys with electrical powers
if they get out of hand
the game said ok what is your battle cry
and I said wait what i would not cry in battle
abbie the NInja is fearless

the other cat saw what i was doing adn sniffed
she said ninjas dont shoot fireballs or zap enemys
she said ninjas need swords to chop up the bad guys
I said butt out of this you or else I will make a super hero for you and call it Captain Full of BEans
she said move over let me do it
and she made a character named after herself
and it was a PIrate

I said now wait a minute we're supposed to be the good guys here
and a pirate is a bad guy, it is not a good guy
and she said well maybe this one is a good guy

the one Drawback for this game is that you cannot fight each other
only bad guys
i would make a bad guy if they let me and call it the turky bandit
all the good guys would run in fear from me thats for sure

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