Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
I wasnt doing much of Anything
jus tsleeping in the clean laundry to be honest
when they said Oh hey Abbie you can slep in the laundry ALL you Want today

sotoday it is my brithday
I am 16 which in cat years is TIME-HONORED
but between you and me
tim enever came up to me and said oh hey abbie we honor you
maybe its just implied
or got lost in the mail

anyway there is not much to tell here
there was some Fish that came from the restaurant for me tonight
abbie the guy siad this is salmon
I knew that I said and ate it
and this is tuna
I ate that too
here is some scallop and fish row
I didnt eat the fish row
but the scalop was Very good
what is row anyway

andso time goes on
dont ask me what 15 means in acat years
I forgot what it meant
I know I didnt write last year about the birthday
last year wasnt all that hot
I got staples for crying oUt loud

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