Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, March 31, 2013
TOday I wrote a New Story
it is a story about the time of year
it is called ABBie the Easter Ham

I mean abbie ANd the Easter Ham
there is an Important distinction to be made there
one day Abbie woke up
oh the story has started by the way
one day ABbie woke up
he went downstairs
oh boy said abbie today is the day where everybody eats HAm
but he lookd and he looked and there was No Ham to be Found

hey said Abbie whats with all this no ham nonsense
so he went to the guy he said HEy guy where is my ham
oh no abbie said the guy There is no ham for you
bushwah said abbie and went to see the lady
hey LAdy he said where is my ham
I dont think there is any ham for cats said the lady especialy cats that are Inconvenient
after ABbie looked up what INconvenient was and how to spel it he got mad
so what if he likes to sit in the dorway
or on the pillow you wanted to use

so he ran away and he found ANother house
they were eating Chicken inside and I think crackers
and someone asked WHy is this night unlike ANy other night
and Abbie said cause there IS NO HAM
uh oh he got shooed out of there quickly
maybe he should have ASked for some Chicken instead

so he came back to the house and noticed while he was gone everybody went out looking for eggs
dont go to the house where they are having chicken said abbie you are too late
but there on the counter was a shiny new ham
hurray said ABbie this must be my easte rham
and he jumped up and ate it all before anyone got back
The End

I like stories with HAppy Endings
especially if they involve Ham

this story was not based on real life but it SHould have been

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