Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, November 22, 2012
I Have been away for so long I forgot I wrote stuff
and then I forgot I had email too
cats dont usally have email you see so if you get some you think it cant be for me I dont have email
well I guess Id o

people were saying Where are you abbie
i get that a lot
sometimes I get where were you abbie when the chicken disappeared
not near the chicken thats for sure
honest abe

well I am alive and sassy
a few months ago in the spring someone said oh the basement got floded again its like a swimming pool down there
well I never heard of a sweimming pool downstairs
this bore Investigation
but the door is always closed
so i waited for a few weeks
until the door was open and went down
wouldnt you know there wasnt a swimming pool down there
I dont get people sometimes
ther ewas just a lot of dirt and boxes
didnt smell so good let me tell you
anyway I explored some more but when I went back up the door was shut
this was No good
I had to find a place to sleep and it was very uncomfortable
and I got scaratched but I wont tell you what by
its pretty embarrassing

eventually SOMEBODY noticed I was not hanging around being hungry as usual
so they all said I wonder where abbie is
and after looking around they said maybe he telaported to the basement through the door
which obviously had been closed all along cause we never keep the door open
well thats where I was and I surely rergret it because there wasnt any food down there
and then they said oh abbie look you scartched yourself and it dont look too good
yeah I said it was a pain
so off we went to the vet
Ishould have just said oh thats just my new tatoo
it only loks like a scaratch
did you know at the vet they have something called stapls
well they did that to my scratch only they called it a wound
they shaved around the scratch and then stapled it
then thye said you have to make sure the wound is clean all the time
and to do that the best way is to wash the cat
so I had to take a bath

I really should have said it was a tatoo
notice the guy has a bandage on his hand
I got him real good when he tried to put me in the tub

oh I should mention I didnt spend all this time in the basement
just one night but that was all it took
the staple came out later

anyway I have just eaten some turkey

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