Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, April 30, 2010
today someone said hey abbie congratulations
adn I said whatdid I do this time
oh right it is my birthday
so today I ma thirteen and in cat years that is VENERATED ELDER

everybody is always talking about dog years and how Dogs are seven for every year
for one dogs stole that from cats
as usulal
for two its not that simple but for tke sake of being easy lets just go with it
cat years are differnet
we have a calendar that is like years
it is hard to explain
its all in the mind
and there arent too many names for months and stuff
i mean I know what month it is and you know what month it is
why waste names
we dont even call it months so there

okay so we name years
there si another cat who has a birthday today
but in cat years he is still a babby

i know it is getting to be my birthday time when the windows are open
today I sat in the window sill and watched the backyard
i have much to report for instance
the squirrels have way too much freedom in those trees
also there is a nerw fence
and tols
some are very loud and some just sound like hitting things
people are making an awful lot of stuff out in the world
i just like making a mess

oh and if you are wondering abot the cat calendar
it all depends on where you have to sit for the sun
thats how you know

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