Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, March 28, 2010
looking out the window at the very nice WSpring weather we are ahving
many thingshappen on the street when you look
they probably happen when you dont look too but you gotta look
except for skunks
skunks happen and you dont need to see them

i saw someone i know running down the street
running runnng running
sasy I what are you doing all that running for
you are not carrying any loot
and you are not cahasing anything
she says abbie I am practicing for amarathon
well if that dont beat all
do you know what aa marathon is
i do now
it is a big race but you cant use cars
and it is a long way to run
i once ran from the ktichen through the dinning room and into the windows room
because a bird was outside
then i ran up the stairs and let everybody know there was a bird outside
and then i ran down the stairs and back into the windows room
turns out thats not much of a marathon
and when i got back the bird was gone

everybody runs around for different reasons i guess

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