Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, May 01, 2007
there was one yesterday you know
I am now ten
in cat years that is SASSY
the guy said hey abbie thats just about two pounds per year
he is lucky I cannot pickup a pail ofwater
then we'd see Who sleeps

tehre were a lot of good things about turing ten
you get two numbers in your age If you spellit that way
10 that's a a1 and a 0
1 means there's something and 0 meanst there's nothing
now here is a neat trick
if you put an 0 next to a 1 it measn there's now something ten times more than 1
dont put the 0 in front of the 1 or else this trick wont work

and ify ou put a nother 0 after the first 0 now what do you tihink
yes it means there is nowasomething ten times more than the 1 and the 0 put togehter
think about that forawhile
what happens ifi you keep on putting more 0s next to it
I amscared of that idea

so for my birthday i igve you the gift of ten

and then ext time someones says to you hey abbie you cant get something from nothing
say oh yes youc an
they are just pesimissists
their cups dont have anything in them
which is 0

thats enough of that
I hasd sushi too
but not thee seaweed
cats dont eat sea weed

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