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Sunday, March 04, 2007
OKya they didsyomething to my blog and now it lokos all weird
I'ma sorry for hdiing for a very long time
but truth be toldit hasn't been much fun since the other cat isgone
all my storys now are about oh Hey toaday I ran downstairs
TOdy I went to sleep on a new place
IT was a couch
aslso I am big
twenty pounds of big
a POund is what weights something and Iwe igh twenty
so thtere

someone rwrote this song for me
it is spelled right ansd was insipred by soetmething that happend in OCtober
dont ask
th eguy wrote it
I dont knwo if I liked it som uch because it is obaviously an attempt to speak for me
when in fact when thi s happened I was very good at speaking on my Own
anyway HEre it is


Ask anyone who knows me, I'm an easygoing cat
I'm all about the chilling out, I've got the cool down pat
Don't really ask for nothing much, life's all good on the whole
But tonight there ain't no cat food in my bowl.

I've endured a few indignities in my time upon this earth
From jokes about my fuzziness to cracks about my girth
With patience I have borne these barbs that'd try another's soul--
But I'm offended there's no cat food in my bowl.

I didn't mind the time you gave me bows to make me pretty
Or rolled me in a blanket just to play Burrito Kitty
Or wrapped me 'round your shoulders and said "Hey, check out my fur stole!"
But I mind that there's no cat food in my bowl.

Now if I had my way, of course, I'd rule with iron paw
My merest whim a grand command, my meow would be the law
But my job here's to be the cat; provider is your role
So provide me with some cat food in my bowl.

All right, you've had your slumber, and your dreams of god-knows-what
But it's time that you addressed this pressing problem that I've got
Cause I'm a screamin' hungry cuss who's 'bout to lose control
...well hey look now, there's some cat food in my bowl.

Abbie I am so glad you are back!
Abbie! I'm also glad you're back.

Maybe there should be another cat around to keep you company. Maybe you'd be less bored and have some more stories to tell us.

Or a dog! Dogs are fun too. There are some small dogs that you could boss around very well. Think about it.
Abbie's back! Abbie's back! I wish I could give you a good scritch behind the ears!
Oh Abbie, you're back!! I check your blog every day and what a wonderful surprise to find a new post! And I love love love the song.

Big hugs to you and your guy.
yay! Abbie's back!
Abbie, so glad to know you and The Guy are apparently all right!

Another grown-up cat in similar circumstances, say 4 to 8 years old, might turn out to be a fine companion for you. I cannot recommend a kitten at this stage of your career. You do have your dignity to consider, after all, and kittens have no concept of dignity.
Abbie, I'm happy you're back. It made my day to see your name come up in my blogline. Your guy is a good writer. Since you last wrote, I got a girl kitten who is growing into something quite large. Not as big as you, though. She is a beautiful ragdoll cat and her name is Opal.
Abbie! I've missed you so much! I'm glad that you are back and that you are ok, even if you are a bit bored. Are all the mice gone?
Well! Abbie, it's about time! I thought we'd lost you forever. You need a four-legged friend to keep you company. And I don't mean a mouse.

MR. AbBie! YaaYY! We MISSED You so MUch!!!

My Mom sings Songs like tHat to me. She even had SANta bring me a beautiFul new Dish ... that Says "Fuzzy BuTt" on it.

I was Mad.

For a While.

Anyway, We are So GLAD you'rE back. Please writE about Your Day anyTime you FEel like it -- We won't be Bored. We JUst Like TO reAd what You have to SAy. Because you are Very Wise.

I hope The GUy doesn't call You FuzZy BUtt.

TunA to you,

HaRry CaT
Hooay! You is back and we can larf at you again with your feline wiles.

We don't care about the dumb stories - at least you have stairs to walk up anbd down. We just have kitchen work surface to jump on. And a high wardrobe. Le'me tell ya, after 4 years that appeal is bginning to vanish!
Hi Abbie! We haven't seen you since we started our blog in December and thought you were never coming back. Good to see you!

& the Artsy Catsy houseful
Hooray! Lovely to hear from you again, Abbie.
Maybe it would be (even) better set to a blues tune?
YAY Abbie's back!!!!

...Anne L.
About time fuzzynuts! I went into mourning for you.

You need a companion like HaRry CaT. he seems cool and you seem a bit lonely.
Abbie, for a moment I thought my (women's basketball) March Madness had really gone out of hand...but it's true, you are back on the Web!
Dude! Where have you been? Gets pretty boring around here with no one to talk to but that d*mn dog!

That is wonderful!! We cured the 4AM wake-up song (ours was more like 3AM) with an automatic cat feeder and it has been great to be able to sleep until the real alarm goes off.
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