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Sunday, March 11, 2007
BUgs bugs bugs
I saw a bug on the shade
it had a triangle body and antennas
i Hit it and it fell to the floor
take That bug

then I stat and watched it on the ground
and i hit it a few more times just to make sure
cant be too sure around bugs for they are wiley

I LIke to watch bugs on the ground
better than in the air

it looked prety weird that bug
I will not ocmment on how it tasted

"...for they are wiley."


Abbie, you're great.
YAAAAYYYY Abbie is back!!! I almost gave up. Made my day.
MR. AbBie, was It a STink BUG? I ate 1 of Them 1 tiMe.

EeeeeUUEW. NastY.

We LOve You!

LoVe, HaRrYcAT
Bitter, I bet.

...Anne L.
some bugs nice, some bad, but you'll never know unless you try them all, hey?
cool poem.
I'm so glad you are back, Abbie. I've missed you terribly.
I had a bug in the tub today! Well, I almost had it.

It is so nice to hear from you again, Abbie! I hope your bug was more savory than bitter. Your fans missed and love you; please keep writing!
That will teach that bug!!!

Welcome back Abbie, I was hoping your posse hadn't disbanded! I missed you!
Hey, Abbie--if you can't find any bugs to chase today, have your guy turn on the tv to a women's Final Four basketball game. My cats loved to paw at the ball on the tv screen.
Mmm bugs. Yummy toys. We like when the ladybugs get all ofur an sumtimes in the house. I's glad yur back. Please, please talk to us more an tell us bout yur dreams.
Yay Abbie! I already read your posts, but hadn't posted a reply, for which I humbly apologize.

I do wonder, though, if perhaps meeting up with Another Cat might not be something you should consider. I suggest asking The Guy his opinions on the matter -- and then get back to us. For while we do verily miss The Great Pirate Martha, it seems that you are adrift without some sort of pirate in your life.

Do take care, and keep those bugs on the lookout!
Abbie, should you ever need help, call on us! We are The Pack of Three (P3!)and success in the face of danger is all the thanks we need!
Hey-ho Abbie, you have been tagged!

All you have to do is to list 5 cat blogs that you read everyday and then tag 5 others.

Have fun!

abbie, we went on a posting strke too - no meow tales til abbie came back.

happy day! we missed you.

dunkie and lily cat
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