Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, May 18, 2006
OKay iut is gone
and I was keeping an eye out for it
in case it came back

BUt a few days ago ther ewas a dog
am so mada I cant type right

i was sistting in the room minding my own business
as I often do very nicely
and then there was ak nock on the door and she said
oh hello abbie you sh ould come out there is someone you should meet
so I went out and lo and behold
it was big and balck and it was sitting on the girls rug
normaly I like the girl because she lets me sit on her bed and poke holes in the blankets
but not when she invites dogs into the house
the guy will hear of this I am certain

well abbie that is a dog and her name is molly and she iS visiting
I said I dont care what her name is I am not going to be a party to this
and I let the dog know just what I thought of it all
ANd then ran and hid under the bed
dogs cant get you there

it has been two days and the dog has not come back
I Think the sign I wrote onthe door did it
I just scractched around the door

i think that'll do

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
i have written One hundred and nintety nine posts
this will be the two hundreth

I Have not written much it is true
but before you say oh ho Abbie you have been sitting around all the time eating catnip and looking out the window why did you not have time to write
FIRst i will say the catnip was for my birthday and I am now nine years old
that is Cranky in cat years

second I have been doing a lot of Thinking
that is mostly all I do
also I have been a lot of complaining
mostly because I have to do the complaining for two nowadays
it takes a lot out of you to complain so much
I dont know how the other cat did it
she complainedf morning noon and night
up one wall and down the other
complain complain complain
oh this is too hot oh this draft is too cold where did the food go why can't I sleep you are too fat
so now I get to complain it all
I dont like it so much

recently though I have been listening to songs
this guy is named lou
he says s alot of stuff about LIfe
he says life is like bacon and ice cream
thats what life's like without you
I dont know I think bacon is good and ice cream is tasty
but I think he means putting it together is kind of WEird
and that its good maybe
but also not good
but he also asks what good is rain that falls up
I dont know
I don't have expalantions for everything

then he asks me hey abbie whats good?
okay lou here is what's good

good is when you wake up in the morning and you have Nothing to do so you go back to sleep and nobody yells at you
That's good

it's even good when you wake up and notice the sun is over there
so you go over there
and now it is time to sleep in the sun
that's good

it is also good when there is new litter in the catbox
and it smells clean
cause it means hey you can go again
and make a mess if you wish

fresh water is good
because it comes right from the water faucet
you can't get much more fresh than that

stairs are good
to knock things down
Goodbye sock

its good when you are sleeping
and you dream of Pizza
and you wake up and
there is pizza there
hey thats good

warm is good

sometimes people are good
but don't tell them that
it only makes them think they're better than you

that's what is good
life's good
lou says Life's good too
but not fair at all

maybe so
maybe not

and I have been looking out the window a lot because if you look hard enough sometimes you can see a skunk

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