Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, January 19, 2006
it is ASMazing the things you can get awayw with when you're the only cat around

for isntance last night I was really realy mad
and I used a lot of swear words
i was cussing up a storm left and right
I used the mrr-word
and the eemerrr-word
and maybe i said the one that begins with Rrow but thats all I'mg oing to say about that

thing sis since i was the only cat nobody understood what I was saying
come tothink of it that was the reason why I was so mad in the firs tplace

Were you mad because nobody understood you or because you're the only cat in the place? If the latter, I hope another cat will join you soon. :o)
I also hope you make a new kitty friend soon.
Oh, Abbie, you need another kitty so you gots someone to talk to. You can have one of my sisfurs, they talk to much anyway.
If you get a new kitten friend, you can have them do all sorts of bad stuff for you because they will get away with it because they are a kitten. Or you can do bad stuff and blame the kitten.
You definitely need a kitten of your own. Someone who can understand you!
Oh Abbie sweetie...I'm sad that no one understands you. Let's hope your Guy gets you a kitty friend soon, so you have someone that speaks your language.
as long as you didn't say the mmwo word...
is another someone to talk to in your future?

If my human wouldn't die without me, I would come and live with you and we could teach each other all of our bad words. I've learned some good ones from that stupid tomcat across the street. I am even bigger than you are so nobody would say you're fat ever again, either.

love, Alice
Abbie needs a friend, Guy. He's lonely.
I heard that Humans actually do understand everything we cats say. They just don't care, most of the time! :-O

You gotta MAKE your people pay attention. Poop in their shoes, steal a chicken wing or something like that. That'll get their attention! ;-) Works for me!

Enjoy the day, you big beautiful pussy cat you!

My calendar says, under February, that "If cats could talk, they wouldn't."
GOod thing it's JAnuary
Are you an outdoor cat? If so, go kill a pidgeon. That's how my mentally ill cat Spot (left in a dumpster as a little kitten) got through life. We owners didn't amuse him enough.
I miss her, too, Abbie. Rrow.... oh, *shniff*

Ther is another Other Cat in this house that you are welcome to. I would not miss her.
Hi Abby! I've got other cats around here, but they don't like me too much. Perhaps it has something to do with jumping on them all the time and biting their ankles? I dunno, I'm just a kitten.

I do have a videoblog though, maybe you should get one of those. Will that keep you company?
Abbie, my Abbie, whither art thou (and The Guy) gone?

Please come back, Abbie.

Abbie, I jsut found you and now you are so quiet! There is no need to be so quiet Abbie!
You definately need another bruddy of sissyfur.I never want to be alone. It is way too boring.
Abbie, PLEEEAAAASE come back! Everybody misses you!

this seems so real, when you think about it. abbie, it is just like you? abbiecat abbiecat how about that!!!
Don't be mad Abbie, get even. That's what our cat "Blackcat" does.
Hello, Abby.
You know, I'm really sad and scared, so I wanted to ask you an advise.

I'm about 7 months old. I used to live in a police academy and some people used to feed me, but about a week ago a lady brought me to a house. Now I live with this family, and they are really nice and they take good care of me, but there is this cat. his name is Cleo. He is about 7 years old, and he has been the only cat in the house for about a year, so he isn't used to other cats, so he is really mad at the whole family because of my arrival. He used to be really nice to the family and they all love Cleo, but now he is sad and mad. The family is very worried because he is so sad, and because he doesn't treat me good and he sais a lot of swearing words to me.
We think maybe Cleo is to old and he's not used to changes, so we don't know if he'll ever be nice to me. Do you know how we could make him love me? please help!!
We love and miss you, Mr. Abbie. We hope you and The Guy are doing well and enjoying some sunshine.

Hey Elisa the kitten, can you tell your nice people to hold Mr. Cleo on their laps and give him some extra pettin's while the other people hold you on their laps and speak kindly to both of you? And then switch people for more pettins? If they keep you in your own special room (away from Cleo) while they're at work or gone a while, and then take you both out for pettins (and tuna!) as soon as they come home, maybe everybody can gradually be friends. Mr. Cleo isn't too old to be friends, he's just used to having the house and the people to himself all the time.

Good luck to you and your nice people and Mr. Cleo, and tuna for everybody!


HaRrYcAT (that's my picture up there)
Abbie, please come back. We miss you very much. We want to know, are you gettin' a new bruddy or sisfur? Please let us know. We love you.
Abbie, I was the only cat for 8 and a half wonerful years. Now there's this young brat cat. I know you probably miss Martha, but being the only cat has its advantages. Like not having to share anyfing. So, come back to blogging soon? Beans get busy sumtimes an don't fink they have time for bloggin.
Helo Abbie - Thys is TigerCat asking if you have bean mousing lately. Here in hte pacifc NW the mice are out and tasty... yum. Hope you are caching mice two! Tiger Cat
I know you're a cat and all, but you might want to update before you hit the "ping" button. Just a thought...
I hope you're hanging in there, Abbie. It's been nearly three months since you've posted a word.

I think you need to let out your anger and sadness at Martha's passing, it's healthier than bottling it up inside.

All of your fans love you, and are a little worried about you. We're here for you. Let us know what's going on, what's bothering you. Please don't shut us out now.
I just miss you so much, Abbie. Please come back. I'm crying.
Abbie, AAAAAAbbIe. Pleeze Talk to mi, i Mis u.
Abbie love, we do miss you so and hope you are still your robust handsome self, just too busy to blog. Write soon!
We miss you Abbie, hope you're ok.
Your tieping is coming alogn grate!!
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