Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
I Was not that good atp utting put picktures before
but here is a picture of me

why abbie you SAy that is a stranger whisker you have coming out of your mouth
and I say that is no whisker that is my mouse

I toldyou there are a lot of mice around here

My, arent you a handsome cat Abbie.

Have you found out where the mice come from yet?
Oh, Abbie, I laughed and laughed.

"that is no whisker that is my mouse"

Keep on hunting!
Abbie the cat has a job! Two jobs: mousecatcher, and model.
What a beautiful posse cat!
Abbie, you are such a handsome kitty; you look so much like my kitty, Pie, but it is clear that you are a much better hunter. Keep on truckin'; you'll get all those pesky mice yet :)

Bah, it's only because my poor Stevens isn't out there catching them first, any more.

Are they tasty mousies? Steve used to like to eat the faces, then kindly leave the rest for her humans.
haha abbie I saw that mouse rightaway cuz i ate one 2 yesterday. well i left most of it for mom under her foot. she yelld some.

yor frinnd Weezer Tubcat
hotchacha! abbie rocks on!

Anne A.
Abbie, you are beautiful from above!
Abbie that is a good mous becuase it is big enough that it all cant fit in your mouth. it is a 2-meal mouse.

I have an idea where the mice come from too it is

4. the dishwasher.

Because one time The Mama opened the dishwasher to put something in, and there was a mouse on a dish. It was suprised to see us. I didnt catch it then because I was also surprised. but I cauhgt it later. I also caught its wife or maybe just a girlfriend.

So there are mice to be found in the dishwasher and maybe you should think of this.

-- georgia o'keeffe
Our mom's dad (or some guy) tells about the time their first cat had something dangling from its mouth and they thought it was a mouse tail but really it was an earthworm.

They say that cat was a good cat, but it couldn't hunt very much because it was allergic to grass.

Loki in Iowa
Oh wow, you have been doin the bloggin thing for a long time. I am furry new to it myself. You are a furry lovely kitty and have the most interesting tails to tell!
Mom just came home from visiting her family I thought I was her family (and not the dog eitherr) but thats okay cuz we had Christmas dinner and it wasnt a mouse but it was goood. Merry Christmas Abbie or whatever you want me to say to make you Happy.

Happy New Year Too from yor friend Weezer the Amazing Tubcat
nice looking cat!
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