Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, September 24, 2005
today is a SAd day
i am vffeeling very low
the other cat is gone for good
i don'tknow why
i dind't do it

first off she was sick and dshe didnt tell anybody she was sick
not even me
i said why are you so skinny and she said i dunno let me sleep
i said why do you sleep so much and she said because i am tired okay let me sleep
and when I said you are not eating my food anymore why are you not eating my food anymore she just licked her paw and went to sleep

so iw ent over and i said hey i dont think the other cat is feeling very well you ought to take her to the vets
at least if she was really feeling all right and just trying to lie to me and pretend to be sick for symppathy then a trip t o the vets would change her wagon
so they took her to the vets and this is what the vets said
oh she is not eating and not drinking and she has a fatty liver
this is when you donot eat and your liver gets full of fat
she has to stay for a few days and take the tests

so they kepther for a few days and they took her tests
and she lost four poudns
and they said she has pnacraiatis or something like a pancras i dont know what that is i'm only trying to read the words on the sheet
they said that she could be treatd okay but it would take a lot of work and a lot of medicins and I know what its like to take medicine and nobdoy likes that

last night they let her come home
she had a big bag of medicins
and food that I could not eat
they had medicine to antibitoics and medicine to make her want to eat
and medicines for her stomach and medicins for her liver
and a big tube to put the food in

she sat on her favorit chair and ate a bit of the food
and then she put her head on her paws

i said whats wrong with you
she said abbie i am a tired pirate
i said you are not a pirate you are a cat and you are here with me and soon you will be awake and fighting me for my food once again
she said no it has been a long voyage and it's time for me to go
go where
she said you know the cats who have been before
the ones we sing songs about
who are always there even if you cant see them with your full eyes

is this the journey over that bridge of rainbows i said
she snorted and said pah that's all nonsense
there is no bridge
you just move on, thats all

okay I said that is a relief
ebcause I don't like too many bridges to begin wtih
but whats this about wanting to be with the cats who have been before
she said it's not like i have much of a Choice abbie
i said this is bushwah and furthermore we are supposed to be together and if you go where does that leave me, all alone i tell you it's not fair
she asaid i'll always be around somewhere but you just won't be able to see me
but when there's a nice shadow on the floor
or if a cupboard door opens
i'm there

i am going to bite you I said
your kind of thinkingis foolish and you will get better
suit yourself she said
then the guy took her upstairs and put her on the bed and she went to sleep

listen says I following everybody upstairs
you cant go
i'm sorry if i was a pain
i'm sorry for the time we fought and i bit your ear
and maybe i could stand to let you have a fwew more Bitesin the cat dish
or the time i wanted you to go away
im sorry
i didn't really want you to go away

she opened an eye
and said i know
we are brother and sister and that means a Lot
and you always were my best friend
but i am tired abbie
if you want you can help me out

how i said
she said remember the song i sung to you
the one you learned from me and the cats who have gone before
if you wanted you could sing it to me now

goodnight you cats I sang
Now is the time for all good cats to go to sleep
there are things to do tomorrow
And you can do them then
but now its time to sleep
and you can dream

and when i looked up she was sleeping and quite happy

this morning she was quiet and still
and breathing Very soft
she sat on a lap
in the sun
her name was martha
and she was petted gently
by pepole who loved her
and it was there she died

she didnt have to go

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