Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
I l;earned about neagative psychology today
it is when you say one thing but you mean the reverse of it
like when someone says "go ahead abbie stay on the table, we really want you up there dancing around in our food and being a pest"

what is uspposed to happen is I am suposed to think "well I am feeling fat and Contrary today so if they want me on the table I will say NO and hop down, so there"

it didnt work
but just the same
today I found out what poutine is
I dont want it anymore
so none of that for me thanks

ABBIE HI I am very nervus to talk tosuch a fmous cat as yourself. my lady showed me to your place adn she reads to me what you write. The two boys that sometimes are notvery nicccccce to me liek to hear theladyyyyyy read your wurds too.

I just want to thank you for teeeeeeching me about the syyykology think because myh lady just said to me tonight - she siad SMOKE THANK YHOU FOR SPILLING THAT CUP OF ICE COLD WATER ONNNNNNN ME. and i siad you are queit welcome anytime my lady. Do you think she was not meaninnnnnnnnnng her thank you like i thouaght she was?

i am just 4 months of age so i do not have as much wiseness as yhou abbie.

yhour number one fan -
Abbie, do you know Timon?

Yr friend Weezer the Amazing Tubcat
You have an informative blog. I have a cat blog. It's all about cats. Please visit thanks!
i love poutine
but since i am a vegetarian
i can't eat it anymore.please
have some for me.
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