Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
I l;earned about neagative psychology today
it is when you say one thing but you mean the reverse of it
like when someone says "go ahead abbie stay on the table, we really want you up there dancing around in our food and being a pest"

what is uspposed to happen is I am suposed to think "well I am feeling fat and Contrary today so if they want me on the table I will say NO and hop down, so there"

it didnt work
but just the same
today I found out what poutine is
I dont want it anymore
so none of that for me thanks

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
again I am in the right and good
the doors were open yeeterday
the othercat said that it was time for an adventure, come on and we shall go exploring
and i myself said oh no that is not allowed
we are INdoor cats and outsdoors is not for indoor cats
she said pooh-pooh, what is indoors and outdoors anyway, all it is is a matter of doors
and away she went

THEy alater found her in the garden
pretending to be a spider plant
meanwlhile I was well hbehaved and given poutine
at least i ASKed for poutinge

Thursday, August 11, 2005
HEllo and thankyou for calling Abbie the CAt enterprises, this is ME ABBIE speaking
how can I helpyou

yes hello mr bug it is nice to hear from you again how was your trip to the ktichen
and what can I dofor you today
well I am sorry to hear that you are worried a cat is going to step onyou and maybe eat you for a sanck
if ICan place you on a bref hold I will transfer yu to our other cat department
okaythank you
i meant to place mr bug on hold but i have acidentally on purpose stepped on him
oh well thats the way business goes
I will fill out my call report form and then take the next call

hello and Thank you for calling Abbie the Cat enterprises this is ME ABBIE speaking how can Ihelp you
oh its you
listen why are you calling me
I dont care what you think, this is my game today
what doyou mean this game is stupid
i played your game when you ran the grocery storye
and i had to buy articohks and I dont even LIKE artichoks
hey you cant say those things on the phone
well you are full of beans too
I am goingto hang up on you
and i will fill mout my call preort form and it will say "got a call from an anoying cat who annoyed me and was busy being a pest and I hung up on her"
and i wont get fired
no you cant speak to my supervisor
well go right ahead then

she alswyas has to ruin my games
so much for the phone
i think next im going to run a hotel

Friday, August 05, 2005
OH idid not know if I told you already
we are in a new place
We got taken here a few dasy ago
it is a lot bigger
there are Stairs in my house
including some staris we're not supposd to be on
But we use them anyway
my paws are all gray because of the basment I found
it is a mysterious exciting place full of adventure ande xploration
oh and there is food and foods
I pushed my food all voer the floor because ti is a housewarming present
here are more people too
one oft hem brushed me
and put a comb over me
and said "i have taken enough ahir off you ABbie to make a new cat"

well humph
if you do that you better not call it abbie junior
because I see where you put all that hair
abbie junior does not live in a trashcan Thank you very much

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