Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, July 29, 2005
lastnight was aCampout night
i snuck outside when the door was open
and camped out
on the staisdrs

it is a much better wildernsss than being outside, being on the stairs
well the groudnd is green but not planty
it is like a rug

therre are strange sounds in the wilderness
like the other cat behind the door
who says YOu shouldnt be out like that
and says I'm gonna tell
and says whats it like out there

the best part of the wilderness is the great sleep you get
i wokeup this mornign fresh as a daisy
and headbutted the door until i was let in
and then enjoyed a big delicious breakfast

you need a lot of energy to headbutt

I bet the other cat was jelus did she tell on you?

Yor friend Weezer the Amazing Tubcat
Yay, Mr. Abbie! I *never* get to go outside at night. Especially by myself. The Mom won't let me. But it's okay because I'm scared of a bad neighbor we have.

Glad you enjoyed your campout. I wish you could come to my house sometime and sit on the patio and have breakfast in the cool. I have a nice trumpet vine to sniff. Plus, squirrels!

Hugs to you and Miss Martha,

Your Friend HarryCat
I think you are very sensible and wise, Abbie. The wilderness is a lot less fun than the stairs - I think your camping adventure sounds great.
Abbie, you seem to be sensible and hence, my sincere advice is "not to go out in the night" if you are not confident of your own safety.
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