Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, May 14, 2005
It has been sugested that since we are growing older that we are slwowing down a bit
no longer making leaps from the bed to the dresser with as much Grace as used to be
I myself donot believe such lies, I am still fit and hale and hearty like a battlesihp
in fact I CAn stand on my head if I Wanted to
I just dont want to

n other news I ate a burrito today

Who's this "we" that's getting older? I know not whereof you type.
Yay, Abbie! Eating burritos is why you can still leap gracefully. Just be sure The Guy isn't moving the dresser farther away while you're asleep. Some people do that for amusement. Hmmph.

Love and tuna,

HarryCat's Mom
dear abbie,
i am writing you because i have a question. my lady person says that is what people do when they have a question. they write, "dear abbie." so dear abbie, my peoples are getting another cat. i understand that you were in a similar situation, once. how do you make sure the new imposter doesn't take your best sunning spot or get all the fish scraps? that is my question. thank you very much for your consideration.
sesame the cat.
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