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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Hello it's your old pal again Martha.
Abbie is still in major trouble and he wont be on the computer for the rest of the week.
This gives me time to use the computer.
I play games and I draw pictures but I erase them afterwards and I visit websites.
The only thing I cant do on the computer is play ebay.
This is the story of why I can't go to ebay.
One time I went to ebay.
There was something on ebay once that was cool.
The game on ebay is to say how much you would pay for it.
I said I would pay five dollars.
Then ebay said beep someone else said they would pay six dollars.
So I said I would pay seven dollars.
Then ebay said beep someone else said they would pay eight dollars.
This is where you see that I am clever.
I said well okay I will pay ten dollars, ha.
Then ebay said beep someone else said they would pay twelve dollars.
Well of all the nerve.
So I said well I would pay twenty dollars.
Then Abbie came by and asked me what I was doing, and I said I was playing the ebay game.
He said how do you do that and I said by telling ebay how much you would pay for something for instance this picture of a pirate ship.
He said where are you going to get the money to pay ebay for the picture?
And I said you dont have to pay, you just pretend you will.
He said he didn't think that is how the game worked.
But then I looked at the rules and the rules said that if you won the ebay game you really did have to pay.
And that's in real money.
Well that is a stupid game.
You win and you have to pay money sounds like you don't win to me.
Lucky for me someone else said that they will pay twenty-one dollars for the picture of the pirate ship and I said okay.
It is all a shame though.
It was a nice looking pirate ship.
I am typing very slowly on this so that abbie sees me on the computer.

Dear Martha Cat,

While Abbie is on hiatus, you could set up a Blogger Profile for your many fans (like me!) Maybe you could post a photo or two of you, the ferocious feline pirate?
Hello Miss MaRtha!

Please tell Mr. AbBie don't be sad because I got grounded once, too. From going outside. For Two Weeks! And MOre! Because I ran up the tall tall big tree where the GREat BIG mean bird was (Mom said he is a Hawk and was telling me no no no no HarRy don't go up there HarRy) and he almost caught me.

It was scary. He had CLaws. Mom cried.

But I was okAy. And She got grounded off eBay by Daddy some other day later, so it was fair then. Ha.

I hope you have sunshine where you are! We do! But it's cold.


HaRryThE Cat
The eBay game is very dangerous, I think you are right not to play it.

Also I would like to see a blogger profile for you, too, Ms Martha Piratical.
I've had to kick my owner off of the ebay game on several occassions. Sometimes, I cut off all purring just to teach her a lesson.

She is such a silly human.

Cowboy Catnip
Tell the Guy that I'm gonna send Abbie a whole bunch of catnip in the mail and he will be sorry because then abbie will be able to break free and blog again and we have missed him.
Abbie, ware awr yoo? We miss yore words of wissdom. We hope yoo awr okay and not sik.
Lord Duncan the Great and Ailill the Graceful
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