Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, January 28, 2005
have you ever herad of Rp Van Winkle
rip van winkle was a young man
and then he fell sasleep
for twenty years
and then he woke upa nd was old
and he dreamed he went bowling
I dont get that part myself

anyway cats have a legend like that too
only it is not about a man who sleeps for twenty years
it is about a Cat convenitely named Abbie who was kept awake for twenty years
by another cat who lives in the place with him
and she stayed up all night pestering him with questions

like what time is it
and what time is it in india
and where does the water go in the toilert when you flush it
and who came up with the number five
and is the piece of catfood shaped like a fish supposed to taste like a fish because brother it dont taste like fish
and do you know how to flush the toilet
and if the sun is so hot ohow come we dont burn when we sit in it
and am i the first one to ever come up with that question
and why don't we wear shoes
and do you think they'll run out of carrots
and hey I think I just figured out how to flush the toilet, want to see

well nedless to say the story ends in a great fight
and abbie wins the fight and gets to sleep for once
while the other cat is bansihed to the Annoying Corner
anyway I thought you would like to read a story today

and I think the otilet has to flush itself by magic

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