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Sunday, September 05, 2004
I started playing a newgame today
it is the Super HERo game
in it you are a super hero
you have to go around the city fighting Crime
it is a fungame and you can be a super hero

I signed up and it said make a superhero
and I made aABBie the Ninja
he is a ninja who shots fireballs and can zap enemys with electrical powers
if they get out of hand
the game said ok what is your battle cry
and I said wait what i would not cry in battle
abbie the NInja is fearless

the other cat saw what i was doing adn sniffed
she said ninjas dont shoot fireballs or zap enemys
she said ninjas need swords to chop up the bad guys
I said butt out of this you or else I will make a super hero for you and call it Captain Full of BEans
she said move over let me do it
and she made a character named after herself
and it was a PIrate

I said now wait a minute we're supposed to be the good guys here
and a pirate is a bad guy, it is not a good guy
and she said well maybe this one is a good guy

the one Drawback for this game is that you cannot fight each other
only bad guys
i would make a bad guy if they let me and call it the turky bandit
all the good guys would run in fear from me thats for sure

But aren't ninja bad guys too?
I'm glad to know you're not a big fat crybaby in battle, Abbie. What kind of wuss would cry during a fight? Unless your sister twisted your skin and gave you Indian burn or something. Then you would probably cry, right? I mean, I wouldn't but I bet you would. Okay , well, sure, I cried every once in awhile but I prefer not to discuss it.

(My sister was mean. Is Martha like that to you?)

(I'm sorry I called you fat. You're not fat. You're just big-boned. Nuthin' wrong with that, Mr. Abbie.)
You are a very lively cat. I would rather just go lay out in the sun or lay on whatever soft blanket is on the floor....

Must go get revenge on these birds that peck at the window...they are starting to annoy my nap time....

If only Abbie played on Virtue! =(
Abbie, what's happened to the guy's page? Not that yours is not enough internet for anyone, but I'm just wondering...
Shely I learned what a battle cry is you can read all about it today
sufice to say when the other cat and i fight we have battle crys and mine is I will Win and hers is Do not sit on me

goz I donot know what hapened to the other page though now my picture is gone
I heard a rumor that they were puting a new web server on it because of trouble with the old one
too many people visitd and they used up all the whatever
they don't let me near that one
Well, I'm glad it's coming back. Tell the guy to eat tuna and not to go crazy doing server things; I've heard that's a problem.
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