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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
I wrote a play Today
it is a mystery play
the name is It IS A mystery
it is about a msytery and the dectective has to figure out who did it
here is the play

by ME Abbie


DETTECTIVE JONES: hello everybody I have brought you into this room to tell you who done it
MRS HOOPLE: Oh thank heavens this mystery is almost over
COUNT SNODGRASS: well detective jones I do not think you know who did it
DETECTIVE JONES: on the contrary I know exactly who did it and everybody in the room is a suspect
MISSMILICENT: gooodness gracious
DETECTIVE JONS: you miss milicent you are a suspcect because you were friends with mr ankle and you wantd his money
MISS MILICENT: but I didnot do it
DETECTIVE JONES: And count snodgras you are a suspect because you are mean and villianous and did not like mr ankle
COUNT SNOD GRASS: lies all lies detective joness I shall see you hang for this
DETECTIVE JONES: and mrs hoople you are a suspect becaus you had the oportunity when mr ankle was asleep
MRS HOOPLE: why I never
DETECTIVE JONES: also the maid is a suspect too
DETECTIV JONES: okay now I shall reveal who the culprit is and how they did it

that is all the play I Have writen
I forgot to figure out who did it
itis fortuneate i can have a rewrite becaus the play does not open up until next month
starring ME abbie as detective jones and a spider as count snodgrass

Abbie, I am VERY excited about this play! Also, I think you should make Martha play Mr. Ankle.

Abbie, what will happen to Count Snodgrass? Will he be eaten? I think that is a good punishment. And original. How many detectives eat the criminals?

I think Count Snodgrass should be played by a ferret.
WEHn I asked the other cat if SHe would like to be in the paly she said and I quote I would rather go jump in a lake and I end quote

which is veryodd becaus I did not know we had any lakes around here but maybe she has a point
the weather is indeed quite humid
Abbie, maybe if the suspicious maid is also secretly a pirate, Martha would be willing to play. Detective Jones could arrest her and put her in the bathroom.

P.S. -- We're so glad you're back on all four feet! Many hugs!

Love, HaRrY Cat and his mom
miss milicent sounds like the other cat to meeeoww...
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