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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
I Suppose I ought to mention there was a bird in the house rcently
yes there was
there was a little bird and it lived in the drawer by the bed
one morning I was minding my Own business ERIght there
and there was this noise that sounded like a bird in a draewer
and ther eit was
well naturally I was very interested in this developement as because there has not eben a bird in the drawer before
but then this is where the cruel part happens

me and othe other cat were so excited to see the brid
she yelled
not me
I didnot yell
and the guy woke up and said "oh no" and put us both in the other room
while the bird got to fly free out the door

now this is unfair to a high degree
I saw the bird first and therfore should have been able to do what I wanted with it

and no more brids have been in the drawer since
I Should know because I keep checking
just in case

Tuesday, August 03, 2004
I wrote a play Today
it is a mystery play
the name is It IS A mystery
it is about a msytery and the dectective has to figure out who did it
here is the play

by ME Abbie


DETTECTIVE JONES: hello everybody I have brought you into this room to tell you who done it
MRS HOOPLE: Oh thank heavens this mystery is almost over
COUNT SNODGRASS: well detective jones I do not think you know who did it
DETECTIVE JONES: on the contrary I know exactly who did it and everybody in the room is a suspect
MISSMILICENT: gooodness gracious
DETECTIVE JONS: you miss milicent you are a suspcect because you were friends with mr ankle and you wantd his money
MISS MILICENT: but I didnot do it
DETECTIVE JONES: And count snodgras you are a suspect because you are mean and villianous and did not like mr ankle
COUNT SNOD GRASS: lies all lies detective joness I shall see you hang for this
DETECTIVE JONES: and mrs hoople you are a suspect becaus you had the oportunity when mr ankle was asleep
MRS HOOPLE: why I never
DETECTIVE JONES: also the maid is a suspect too
DETECTIV JONES: okay now I shall reveal who the culprit is and how they did it

that is all the play I Have writen
I forgot to figure out who did it
itis fortuneate i can have a rewrite becaus the play does not open up until next month
starring ME abbie as detective jones and a spider as count snodgrass

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