Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, June 06, 2004
OKay here is a summary of May
then I ate some
I ate some more then I took a nap
then something happened and I was very perturbed for a while
and then I went back to sleep
oh now it is time for a food break, now I am eating
one night I ran around a lot after a bug
got some tunafish for being a good sport
wathced out the window a lot, maybe I saw you go by
afternoon nap
I had a fight with theother cat and chased her off the bed
meanwhile I was charming and frindly and everybody liked me
threw up a few times but thats not pleasant news
and I stood in thesink and yelled

it was a good month all things considered
there could have been a bit more food though

hahaha... my cat likes stand in the sink and yell too, and then she sometimes throws up... coincidence? I think not!
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