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Sunday, June 06, 2004
Hello today I am interviewing Smarty JOnes who is a racehorse

hi smarty jones how are you
"oh I am fine abbie thank you"
so first offtell us who you are and what you do
"okay my name is smarty jones and I am a race horse"
that si very interesting what does a racehorse do
"well mostly I run around a lot"
hey I like to run around too and chase things, do you ever chase things
ok so I hear you are good at running
"yes I won a lot of races"
hooray for you I bet it is fun
"it is fun and they feed me oats"
WE saw you on televson yesterday and you did not win the race
"no I did not the other horse did
tht is sad, did you cry
were you sad that you lost
"no I just had fun running around on the track"
okay why do they call you samrty jones
"because I am smart"

well thank you for the interview smarty jones you are a fine racehorse and we wish you the best of luck
tune in tomorrow when I will interview this bug

Nice conversation between you guys!!
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