Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, June 28, 2004
Hello, it's me Martha.
Today I went to the harbor to see if anybody needed pirates.
I figured if anybody needed pirates it would be people on pirate ships.
I did not see any pirate ships.
I saw a lot of other ships.
One was a tanker which I guess means full of tanks.
They did not need a pirate.
Another ship was big and wooden and had cannons.
I thought this would be the perfect pirate ship.
But it is not going anywhere except next week.
Next week it goes out to sea.
And then it turns around.
And then it comes back.
And then it stays there for a whole year.
And they did not need any pirates either.
One was a cruise ship which had people in it.
Guess what, no pirates wanted.
But some people said "Oh look there's a cute cat, let's bring it onboard and it can be our mascot and sit by the Lido deck and do tricks for bits of fish."
I laughed.
This was funny because I do not do tricks.
Then someone else said "Oh no, it is a black cat, we cannot have balck cats on board because they are bad luck."
And I went well of all the nerve and turned around and walked away with my tail held high.
For one it is a myth that black cats are bad luck.
You are unlucky all the time but apparently it only counts if a black cat has crossed your path.
You only notice your bad luck if you see one.
And two I am not entirely black because I have silver hairs on my chest and speckles elsewhere so there hah.

So I came home because I'm really not supposed to be outside and I did not want to leave Abbie alone for too long.
And a cruise ship would have been too long.
I told him of my trip today and he was jealous.
The only trip he took was to the food dish and then back under the bed.
Oh and to the box too.
I hope he gets better soon so he doesn't complain at me all the time.
He tried to call me nurse and I had to hit him.
But gently.
Cause you can't hit someone who's sick.


Get better kitty. Your human might want to call some vets, to see if any of them offer a payment plan. Sounds like you might have a bladder infection. If you get those a lot, you will need to eat a special diet. It's very tasty. A little more money than regular food, but you don't need to eat as much of it, because it's very calorie-rich. I eat it, and a 20lb bag lasts several months.

If you have questions, you can email my human at She is human to 5 cats and a ferret, and is going to Vet. Tech. school soon, so she might be able to give some advice. -Maggie
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