Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, June 26, 2004
hello it's me again Martha.
I am writing because once again Abbie is sick.
He is hiding under the bed and feeling miserable.
And frankly it is making me miserable too.
First he is hogging the catbox all the time.
He is in there for a lot of time.
Sometimes I go in and I say hey, move it, it is my turn but he says I have to wait.
And he doesn't even do anything most of the time.
And he looks really grumpy about it.
Other times he does not use the catbox and just tries to do his business where he is.
I told him he is going to get into trouble but he said he doesn't care because he already feels rotten.
And you know what, he doesn't get into trouble.
Can you believe it?
Personally I think if someone is sick they should not bother others and they should not complain and they should not feel like they are above the rules.
So I am sitting on the dresser trying to stay out of his way.
I think he needs to go see a doctor.
He does not have the money for that.
They do not take bottlecaps at the doctor.
If he goes to the doctor I am going to have to go be a pirate to pay for it.
I will tell you how that goes okay.


It is unfortunate to know Abbie is sick again. Have you shown it to some specialist? Take good care of your Abbie, please
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