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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Hello it is Martha again.
While Abbie wasn't looking I decided to change his blog.
He does not like change.
He says when things change he isn't happy.
But I can only look at that same old blog for only so long.
So now look what I did.
I used BLoggger.
Now I made it look better.
And look you can write stuff in it too.
But it isn't your blog ok.
If Abbie gets grumpy he will change it back I just know.
He already is grumpy so watch out ok.
Boy will he be in for a surprise.
Look my name is even on every page now.
HA ha.


Martha, why haven't you published your pirate profile on Blogger? I see that Abbie has a profile, and a very handsome photo, but none for you. Why? Are you ashamed of being a plundering, non-mango-eating pirate? Or have you just been too busy what with the harbor visits and all?


P.S. Please tell Abbie I hope she gets better soon.
Nice comments section, well done Martha - clearly a web-master feline as well as a pirate.

Best wishes to Abbie too, from Deeley, Steve and myself. I hope he feels better soon.
Yeay for Martha taking matters into her own paws!
And please tell Abbie many people are worried about him and want him to feel better soon.
Martha, have you worked with Johnny Depp? He is a good pirate.

Clever Martha, with both pirating and web skills!

My cat Mandy would like to recommend pineapple also for your pirate island. It often comes on pizzas and thus has absorbed the taste of ham and mozzarella, so really you can't go wrong.

We also hope Abbie feels better soon. Get that guy that lives there to give you both lots of pats.
Martha, you are a very smart cat. I hope Abbie feels better soon - I've been sad thinking about him!
Adding best wishes for Abbie - I've been concerned about him - and congratulations to Martha - site looks good.
martha, you are quite prolific! i hope abbie feels better soon. xoxo, denise
Good job on the comments, Martha!

I hope you're not spending too much time taking care of Abbie. We miss you in IRC when you're not around!

Tell Abbie that I hope he gets better soon.

Martha, hellow Pirate. please tell abbie we miss him and send our love and good wishes.
Congratulations on your new skills, Martha; you are a wonderful blogger and you can add that to your resume, just in case your next pirate ship happens to need one.

Take care of yourself and take care of Abbie; people worry about all of you.

Wishing you well,
Pie & Them
Martha, you're adorable, but I do miss Abbie. Tell him I hope he's better soon!
hi martha and abbie. my name is noa. i live on kauai. i am black with green eyes. i threw up some science diet food a little while ago. i think i have a hairball. you are a much better speller than abbie. but i miss abbie. i hope he gets well soon. then we can all play pirates together.
Oh Martha. i'm so sad for Abbie. My dog, Rizzo, is in love with him. It's a strange relationship. She is going to chip in for Abbie's vet bill. Rizzo thinks that when cat pee crystalizes it must hurt very much. Unless it's something else.
Please get well, Abbie. I think your human would like that a lot.
It's never good when a fellow feline is ill. Send my best wishes on to Abbie.

I just found your blog and I'm impressed...What are you doing Saturday night? Maybe we can go and hang out on a fence....I can bring you a treat or something....

Soft mews,

ps: I'm sneaking onto my "mama"s account, don't tell her!
Ahoy, Martha
I sincerely hope Abbie's problem isn't kidney related, but if it is here's a great resource. They helped me a lot over the last year or so, when Beauregard was ill. They'll probably help you a lot with whatever it is, kidneys or not, once you identify it. Best of luck.
Dang it. Did I really say "she" when referring to Abbie? I meant HE. HE! I really do know better. I am so ashamed. No cat will ever want me for a human again. Sigh.

Martha you pirate! Thanks for keeping us posted. Do you have a pirate job yet? And how is Abbie! Sending him all the best --

i was away and did not know abbie was sick. please give him my best wishes. my boys and i miss him very much.

amy, jim and harry
Abbie - get well soon.. I miss you.
Get well soon Abbie... we miss hearing from you. Good luck Martha on that Pirate career. An eye patch is a must for any would-be pirate.
Wait, you said "he." I've been looking at this page off-and-on for the better part of a year and I never picked up on that. Abbie is a dude cat?

Pirates do not like change, either.

Mookie mana mew mew mew!
Will you be my pirate? I will give you belly rubs and a parrot to sit on your shoulder, or eat or whatever.
Hi Martha. I'm shorry to hear Abbie ish shick. I hope he getsh better really fasht. When I'm shick, mummy makesh me toasht.

I'm glad the blog has commentsh now. I have a blog too and I love when people write me. Good luck being a pirate. It shoundsh dangeroush. I don't like water.

Luv 'Mudge (
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