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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Guess who, it's Martha.
Here is my pirate resume.
You need a resume if you want to be a pirate.
I got help with the resume from some websites but none of them had pirates.

Name: Martha the Cat
Ship: Between ships
Objective: To obtain a high-ranking position in a pirate crew where my pirate skills will benefit and add value to the crew.
(that is the part I had help with.)
Also, to become a mighty pirate.
And plunder a lot and retire to a pirate island and eat mangos all day.

Skills: Plundering, pirating, yo-ho-hoing, belaying that line, heaving to, setting sail, battening down hatches.

Expertise: Stealing food and blaming others for it, singing sea chanteys, running around on a ship during a battle.

References available upon request.

Okay that is my resume.
With it I can become a mighty pirate.
Also I will need to try a mango sometime just so I know what they taste like.

Oh Abbie is asleep so I am typing quietly.


Whoops, I meant this song.
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