Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, October 31, 2003
hello iam a robot
beep beep i am arobot
beep boop boop beep bepp
take me to your lee der
boorp bep beep boop

trick ortreat its me ABBIE
doyou like my costume it is good this year
all you need is tinfoil and you can get it from the trash
and also whil e you make your custme from the trash you can eat the food inside
so you trickortreat for yourself

the other cat has a costume as well but it is not as good as mine
hers is the pirate under the bed
she does not care for all this doorbell ringing

Thursday, October 30, 2003
MY hunt is over tdoday and I am pleased to say
that there was a bug flying around and I stalked it wilyly
IT thought it wcould escape into the kitchen
but oh no that is wheer I am the best hunter
I know that kithcen back and forth

Finaly the moment of truth came and I caught the bug
It did not know this enitre time that I Had been chasing it
that is how good and csneaky I am

I ate it I think

Saturday, October 18, 2003
hey hey hey hey
hey hey
not much to say today except hey hey hey

Today i builte a New fort
it is called FOrt Abbie Number 2
I Have come tot he conclusion that maybe fort number 1 fell down because thats' the way things are sometimes
as much as the ohter cat has sworn she had nothing to do withit and was only making a room for her buried treasures
so when it happens I gues you just build a new fort and make it better and less likely to fall down
especialy when another catis in there with her hoard of hair ties and is trying to bury them and make a map

let me see that map

Thursday, October 16, 2003
jsut because I have some nappydreads on my back
doesnt mean that every time I go by the other cat has the right to try and remove them
i can do it on my own if I want

or not

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
I HAve made a list of suspects that could have wreckde my Fort

here they are

1. gangsters
they are always up to no good and you can't trust them, but they shoot guns and I didn't hear guns shooting

2. the nInjas
but they have not beensseen in doors for a very long time, maybe they went away

4. Spiders
but it woudl have had to be a very big spider to do this and I don't want to think about that

5. the other cat
she has ana libi and it is called being stupid and not being in the room at the same time

6. rain

I am still in heavy investigation so I am gathering more clues
for instance here is a pillow on the floor
hmmmmmm how did it get there
it is more mystery

Monday, October 13, 2003
there will be lots to pay for hwhen I figure out WHo WREcked MY FORT

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Hooaray for me I have made a fort
it is called FORT ABbie
and it is my fort for me

it is my spectaclur hidehout fuill of tricks and traps
for instance this blanket is pushed up against the bed
it is a special wall that repells invafders
and these pilows here nearby
they help defend against boats

but sometmes you have to defend your ownf ort on your own
which is why when the other cat coemes to visit I make sure there is plaenty of room to fight

she has the entire rest of the place to herself when I am in my fort
so why is my fort so damned interesting to her
that is what I would like to know

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