Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, December 27, 2003
OK so this is what hapened on Christmas
first ther ewas illness in the household so creatures were stirring
it was not me I am not sick and neither was the Other cat
so we decided we had to make Christmas special for the patient

so in the morning we snuck into the room and jumped upa nd down
and said merrychristmas it's christmas so hooray it's christmas
and then I did aLittle dance

and we said Dont worry you don't ahve to do anything today this is your christmas day okay
first we shall sing CHirstmas carols
and so the oTher cat and me sang songs like IT's Christmas so Yell REally Loud
and Hey When do We Feast
and Lets Jump up and down on the Furniture for the HOlidays

next we said Okay here are your fgifts from us
and I gave him a bottle cap and it was one of my favorits
I said I know its not one of your favorits but if its not would you let me use it too
and the other cat gave him a hair tie because she knows he uses those
and then we said OK we got you presents so shwhat did you get us

and he said Okay guys this christmas I am giving you the gift of Silence
and put us out oftheroom
I said well this doesnt look like the greatest of presents to me what do you think
but Wait I forgot
before he put us out okya he went to the kictchen
and then said okay go look in the kitchen
and lo and beholdin the kitchen
there was gravy and potatos

so it was a very good christmas and I hope yours was good too
the other cat says happy new year again

your friend

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