Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, November 15, 2003
Hello, this is Martha and I am writing in the bloog today because Mr Abbie cannot be bothered to.
He really has become quite a bother in recent days you see not wanting to do anything in the way of work.
He has preferred to do nothing more than just sit around eating choclates and reading magazines.
Though they are not really chocolates you understand, they are bits of meat or a chessy noodle or whatever he has found in the trash.
I myself am aperfect pirate and would not stoop to rummaging through the trash for my deliicious feast.
I am always Very Patient and will ask you for a bit of food though I will ask nicely and patiently because that is its own reward.

And so when I askedhim if he was going to write more on the internet he said he was very busy at the moment.
And you should have seen it because if anything he was VERY BUSY DOING NOTHING!
So I wrote a poem about him and if you would like to hear it this is how it goes:

Abbie the Cat
is really quite fat
there's a dent in the hat
from where he sat.

If you liked the poem then thank you if you did not like the poem well phooey on you cause that's all I got.


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