Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
from now on I sshould like to be called ABBie RAMONE
punk punk punkp punk punk punk punk punk
yeha yeahyeah

allright that is neough of that, I am just Abbie again
it is making my ears ring

Sunday, July 27, 2003
good morning
this is the owrder of the day today

first you must rise quietly and take in the beuatiful sunrise
it is very nice when you watch it from the window
next you mustcheck the food dish
the sunrise lets you see that there is not enough food in the dish
now it si time to send our morning wishes elsewhere

mornigns are much brighter when everything is off the dresser and on the floor
don't you eagree
it is so nice and peaceful
and now there is more food in the bowl than ever before
good morning
it is oging to be a great day

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
If youare going on a trip and you turn the computer off before you leave you will go to jail
This is known as the Keep Me ABbIE Able To uSe the Computer law

I am not very plaesed because otherwise I had nothing else to do other than eat a lot
That is all fine and well I guess but I alsos wanted to play the YOu Are A Ninja game
it is a great game beacuse in it youare a ninja

I will mention a little bit of turkey helps to reconcile things

Monday, July 14, 2003
I am tnow taking a poll

whoever thinks it si patently unfair that i am not allowed to go outside the door into the stairway pleasepress 1 now

w1ell11 as11you 11ca1n se11e 1that is 1a lot 1111 of ones1
pressed1 by lo1ts of1 p11eop1le1 pr1es1sing11 o1ne1
a1nd n1ot by11111 m1e11 s1itt111ing11 o1n the11 1 k1ey1

Thursday, July 10, 2003
wowo today was a great day where do I start

OKay foirst it was not hot today and that is great because that means the air is not hot
and that means it is good to lie o nthe bed once more isntead of underneath it

the other cat went to I think brazil or maybe the bathroom closet so I was able to enjoy this day of life and Leisure right here without any bothersome interrtuptions
then we played the dungeon game and I got a stick to hit the mosnters with
and later on I went OutSIDE
I do not care too much for the sky because it is big and rather fearsome
but otuside is where you can smell good things like cooking

and then there were donuts

Sunday, July 06, 2003
ihtas become too hot to do a lot of things nowadays
we mostly just sit around the floor and pretend the floor was much colder than it is
this as you might understand is not the most pleasant way to spend on es time
no wonder they dcall it the dog days of summer because the dogs can sure have it as Far as i'm concerned

so to pass the time the other cat and I tell stories

this is thestory of abbie the trickster and the pie

a long timeago there lived a cat named abbie
he was knowna as abbie the trickster because he liked to playtricks on people
and other cats
and birds
you could be walking downt he street one day with a roll of bread
and you would notice something on the road ahead like maybe a stick
"now this is not right" you would say because you have to remove the sticks from the road or someone minght step on it and hurt their foot
but when you put the roll of bread down and get the stick, abbie the trickster would show up and say "i have Played an important trick on you and now your bread is mine"

as you can see hthis fellow is wily and sneaky andvery creative in his trickery
one day when abbie was out and about as they say in other lands
he came acaross a pie high up on the sill
it was so high that he could not jump up and get it
and it smelled very delicious so of course he needed to get it
another cat came walking by at that point and did not notice the pie
"hey look" said Abbie thet rickster "there is pie up there on the sill, let's get it down so we can eat it"
and the other cat sniffed and said "you are far mistaken mr abbie because I do not like pie and in fact i hate pie"
well this was serious because honestly who among us does NOt like tasty pie
abbie said "well that is most fortunate for you because look there is a pie up there and if you hate it then you should hit it and knock it over and ruin it"
the other cat thtought this over completely and for a long time and then said "that is a good idea and I know I am a very good jumper"
so she jumped once and twice and then after three times she jumped up high enough to hit the pie
it came acrashing down onto the floor and fell apart

"hooray said abbie now we can eat the pie
no said the other cat first we must ruin it by stepping all over it and dancing

thsi is where the story ends for now beacuse I got mad at the other cat and had to bite her shoudler
she always messes up my stories
whoever heard of someone dancing on a pie
this is the stupidest suggestion i ever heard
that is the last time i let her even open her yap when i'm telling the story
she ruined my story about abbie the cat who went to the moon because she wanted there to be pirates on the moon
i figure you gotta be on thin ice after making a sugestion like that
and now she doesn't have any more ice to be on

and tha tis a probelm because right now we could use all the ice we can get

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