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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
ok this is what I know about golf
golf it is a game and it is played outside which I can't do

first of all you need something to use like a golf ball
a good thing to use for this is a golf ball
then you use clubs and they are sticks

the object of hte game is to get the Golf Ball into the hole and don't take too long doing it

a birdie means you did good
a eagle means you did really good
a bogy means i did better than you ha ha
I dont know what par means

the game starts in the morning and runs all day long inf necesasry
in a pinch if youcannot play outside you can play inside
that is what i do and my parthner is really bad at the game

our game begins at 5:30 in the morning which is not so early because the sun is already beginning to rise
she says i bet you cannot hit the ball across the room and into the bedroom
and I say you are on and how much are we betting this time
i hit the ball and i miss and the abll runs into the wall and goes SLAM really loud
and I say this is much more fun than actually having to aim the ball
and my golfing partnter agrees and that is what we end up playing, we end up playing slam the ball into the wall

by the way if when you are done slamming the ball into the wall I highly recommend the ninenteenth hole which is the trash can
there are alsways delicious refreshments to be had there after a long morning playing

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
oh by the way we moved and there is a new place
and that is why I was too busy to write
now every thing is almost in oreder the way I like it
you could stand to move the computer closer to the food though

who did not Inform me that it was april

now it is almost not arpil and I did not get to play APril Fools on everybody
this year i havd had some Really good ideas

my first april fools joke involved the bookshelf

oh ho you say walking into the room i think i will read a book
but whats this
the books are not on the bookshelf where i put them, you say
and that is when i pop out from where I am hiding and say Aprild Fools, the books are now on the floor

my other april fools joke involves another cat so get one
ok now the other cat is sleeping nicely on MY SPot on the bed
while you are away
so I sneak up and tear up a letter you got in the mail
andh then I place the pieces all around the bed by the other cat

when you get home you will be upset and rightfuly so and you will say Now someone has torn up my important coraspondance and that bad cat is in need of a spanking and also will be Sent to jail

and then I pOP out of my hiding spot and say April fools it was me alll along and I bet you thought it was the other cat

and then i say APril FOols on my Aprilfools, it really was the other cat

some of these jokes I admit are better than the others

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