Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, January 29, 2003
hey look
there are wrds on the left of the page now that mean things
it is months of the year adn thats what htey are there for
of ocurse some are crsossed out because I didn't write int hose months
I was out fishing in haiwaii

the ohter cat is mad becaus I revelated secret plans yesterday
she wants to make sure everybody knwos she wouldnever enter a box that said what I sad on it
and that I shoudle at least punch HOles in the box to make sure you can breathe
there ewas a conflict afterards and I htink she's downstairs now tearing up junlkmail

byt the way I donot think you knwo but I wond a prize
It is a Prize for Best Napping
I am the nap master you see and when it comes to taking npas I am Very serious
we don't fool around with naps here
you might thinnk you are a better napper but I am better than you, that is without question
so I have won andi have the prize to prove it
I ouwld let you look but i amsleeping on it
see I even nap when I type
it is a great skill and one to bre proud of

Tuesday, January 28, 2003
ok I have afew questions abotu CAnada
our Neihgbor to t he North

first si it true there are bears in Canda
and that they eat trash
if so sthat means we are RElated
the bears and me I mean

seocnd are there other cats alowed in Canada
and ifso can yousend them to canada
I mean like in ab ox with an daddress on it
say perhasp one day the other cat sees a box, see
and on it is writen "TSASTY FOOD IS IN HERE NOW"
and so she ges in to eat the tasty food and not leave me aney
but there is a Surprise in the box
it is ME and I close the box
and then ersae "TASTY FOOD" and write instad "MAIL TO CANADA"
and under neath write "dont open even if there is a lot of COmpalining, because there is a ar Rare Complaining Bird inside"

will that be possible

this insoformation is not for me it is for a Freind
and gooogle didnot work

Saturday, January 25, 2003
i ambored
bored bored bored
evry very bored
and theinternet is asleep today

i hthink i will go knocksomething over

Wednesday, January 01, 2003
so far this year I have been kicked out of the room for being annoying
agrand totla of
SIX times

it is going to be ba Banner year

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