Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, October 27, 2002
questionf or you time
when is your dinner not your dinner
when it is on the counter
ah ha

eminent domain, right there
salvage rules of the brinysea
I read that in a book
when a whale is washed up on shore the queen gets the head, the king gets the body and the crown rpince gets the tail

this explains why the pizza was eaten
i am the king you see and maybe the crown prince too

Saturday, October 26, 2002
I am sure i wrote more recently but it has vanished
off into nothing
usually when I vanish it's for a good reason
but when the story vanishes I am not happy

the hair on my back is growing back and it iS funny
you can feel the air blowing on it when you walk
this leads you to believe there is something following you
do not believe it! it si just a trap
the other cat has already caught me at this five times so far
and every time i have had to chase her into her cupboard
that's what you get for fooling me

I am hoping to make it grow back faster so this ends
how do you make hair grow anway, that's what Id like to know
usually it just happens and you don't have to ask it to or anything
but now when I want it to and I want it to really, it dont listen
well that's all jsut fine and dandy
if aybody needs me I will be over in the Corner trying not to get air on my hair

Thursday, October 10, 2002
it is the hairtuc tseason
today i got a haircut
big pieces of hair on my back got cut off
do you know what it is likle when you've had hair there forever and then it is gone
I am not so soure I enjoy this
the other cat is smug in her chair
ono haircut for me, she says
that's cause I say you have no long hair to cut
except that big on ein your nose
she does not appreciate such commentry you know
and it is my dutry to make sure we are reminded of that

how areyou

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