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Wednesday, March 13, 2002
it's popcorn time
popocorn, yay
what's the best about popcorn is that you can play with it or you can eat it
the choice is up to you

persoanlly I like to do both
and they put popcornin a nice big bag which is easy to get at
and if you knock it over, you getmore popcorn on the table
not so much salt next time please though

Friday, March 01, 2002
last night stuff disappeared
I'd get shut in the bedroom and then when I came back, something would be missing.
I was very vexed because nobody likes their world disintegrating around them.

and then there was nothing left but floor and plenty of cat hair and a few buckets and that was it. and then we got into our carriers and were whisked away

I must tell you right now that I like the carriers because they smell good and I have a toy inside to bite on
but when they start to move, then that's when you should jump out only you can't because there are bars there
I also dont' suggest eating the bars because they do not taste good and will only make you cry more

not that i cried
the other cat cried a lot and I mean a lot when I say a lot.

I was full of composure and good grace even if I did not like the metal bars you can't bnite

and then we had our carriers pout into some new room and it was bright, and there was food, and there was another other cat.

I didn't like him from the start. he was smug. he also looked like he'd been on mediciations. I don't like mediicatoions because you have tos wallow that horrible pill thing and any cat who will willing ly let himself swallow the pill thing can't be good, that's for sure

we had a fight
i think i won because he ran away but so did I
he ran away first, though, so I win

the other cat is sitting around growling
she is saying "don't come near me, this is MY space and you are not allowed"
I swear she even growls at shadosws
how paranoid
maybe she thingks she rules the troost

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