Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, July 11, 2001
So i haven;t had a chance to use the computer recently
this I can assure you is No Fault of mine
every time I want to try someone else is there and
he's playing games
allways the games like the pinball and the game where you pretend to be a wizard

I tried geting on there and pretending to be a wizard
but I wanted to be a ninja andt hey wouldn't let me
I said COME ON NOW this isn't fair you let them be wizards and dwarfis and BIG MONSTARS
and they said YOu can be a Rangaer, that is sorta like a ninja
and I said it is NOT THE SAME becaus you cannot hide in the ttrees and attack mice. and besides I want nunchucks.

so no ninja means no abbie playing the Wizard quest game which I guess is good news for them eh

but it also means that during the usual times when I want to sit down and type on the computer tI can't because there is somoene on there ALREADY pretneding to be a wizard

so naturally I am very cross about the whole thing

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