Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, July 25, 2001
there have been sveeral burning questions in this plce lately
and I must admit I could only answer a few of them without having to admit I didn't know anymore

the first one is who's a good boy
I'm not exactly sure who there
I don't know vcery many boys and even if I did I am not sure I could acufrately judge each one

the second one is who's a good kitty
now that one is easy to answer because it sure isn't me
and even if you think so that just means you haven't checked the living room yet

the third question is what did you bastards do with my car keys
and I think that one is the easiest to answer but I can't

a cat's got t ohave some secrets

Wednesday, July 11, 2001
So i haven;t had a chance to use the computer recently
this I can assure you is No Fault of mine
every time I want to try someone else is there and
he's playing games
allways the games like the pinball and the game where you pretend to be a wizard

I tried geting on there and pretending to be a wizard
but I wanted to be a ninja andt hey wouldn't let me
I said COME ON NOW this isn't fair you let them be wizards and dwarfis and BIG MONSTARS
and they said YOu can be a Rangaer, that is sorta like a ninja
and I said it is NOT THE SAME becaus you cannot hide in the ttrees and attack mice. and besides I want nunchucks.

so no ninja means no abbie playing the Wizard quest game which I guess is good news for them eh

but it also means that during the usual times when I want to sit down and type on the computer tI can't because there is somoene on there ALREADY pretneding to be a wizard

so naturally I am very cross about the whole thing

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