Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, May 24, 2001
well, this morning was unlike many other mornings and for a reason
WE got shipped up rather early adn into the cat carrier
which contains the specila blanket we remember so well from the last time we were put in the cat carrier

and then into the car we went and I don't mind telling you
I dno NOT like cars
they rumble and groan and creak and sway and I cannot keep sateady a balance
and I will only sa I kept a brave a face as possible and only meowed a lot because I wanted to keep the guy company
and let him know that he was drivin VERY LSOWLY

this trip tot he vets wasn't all that bad
we didn't get any shots or anythign like that
just a little poking around the netherregions and I tolerated it as best I could
(It is fasicnating in the veterinaarian offices, you know
with smells and things to look at and you have to be on your toes because you often hear dogs barking)
then the vet talked with the guy for a bit and I will you spare the details because they're rather cliniclal
and the upshot of it was that we got to take home a lot of extra new food
The vet called me a glutton ad I was ready to make him take it back but he said it was good, because that means I'll probbaly eat the food with less hesitation

he does not know who he is dealing with
there is a short list of thigns I Will Not Eat and catfood is NOT on that list

oh and when I said We back there I was susing the Royal WE
the other cat had to stay home
she doesnt know what she missed
they got to put me on the scale and weigh me
I am just about 15 pounds just like the picture says

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