Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, May 13, 2001
we have learned something tonight

after a great game and a merry romp I was picked up and lectured on causality
and how certain actions will invariably lead to other actions

I was suppsedto learn that when I jupm up on the windowsilll that I"m not supposed to be on at night and bat at the blinds, I will get chased away by a giant hulking shape going WBWAAAAAAAAAAAAR

I was looked at and lectured at and picked up and lectured at and chased away and lectured at and I have found that the best defense is a good indifferent blank stare aimed at some point above and to the side of the eyes of whoever's lecturing you

so after a few hours (well, it felt like hours) of this fun we were trudged into the kitchen and the bowl of food was refilled so there was no bare bowl showing

I guess we did learn a little bit about cause-and-effect tonight

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