Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, April 14, 2001
whos your favorite duke of hazzard? mine is bo
he is a good driver and he can drive the ngeneral lee and make it jump by blowing hte horn
luke is good too and he can punch so thats why he is my favorit
I think though I like uncle jesse the best because he makes the moonshin outside
i don't really know what moonshine is but it must be something good cause rosco and his dog always want it
daisy was a pretty lady but i have the feeling she doesn't like cats very much
just call it a hunch or something anyway she hangs out at the boar's nest which is good
because they serve food and beer there and play pinball so the boar's nest is my favorite
and boss hogg likes to eat and holler just like me

the other cat says i cant have five hundred favorites
and that's incredibly silly
there werent five hundred people on the show you thick head
above all though I think cooter was the best

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