Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, April 07, 2001
the other cat and ai were outside in the woods today
we were walking down ap ath when ninjas attacked
we had to fight them off and there were a lot of them. i kicked one in the head
and the other cat clawed at some. we have very sharp claws because it is important
to defencd yourself against ninjas in the woods

then i knocked another one down and hit him on the hand and then another one came
at me and I had to spin around and bite him
the other cat knocked three down but i knocked five down and that is more
Then we had to invstiegate why the ninjas were atatcking
it turns out that we were nearrt the evil CASTLE
which was plotting to take over all the land and that just was not right
so we decided to team up with pikachu to steal the crystal
we snuck through the woods the to the ninja castle
the other cat threw a rope upp and we climbed into the top tower and had to fight 50 ninja guards
they had us surrounded in a circle so I jumped up on a table and used the tiger technique of dr saurin-tang
that only very few privieleged cats know, and I hit 14 of them with the arrow fist
and then I hit another 10 with the spinning jump death kick
the other cat hit some with her flying turtle tecnicque

and we were able to steal the crystal and break their hold of power and go home and have chicken
that is why we weren't around today to knock anything over
I thinkp ikachu shocked a few too with lightning attack

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