Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, April 23, 2001
it was a veyr warm day today and all the windows were open
I spent a lot of time sitting on the sill lookng out at all the birds
my but there are a lot of birds in this world
and all of them don't know I am watching becauseI am a master birdwatching ninja
they are lucky that there is a metal screen between me and them
they can blissfully go about their lives completely unaware of the horrible mistofrutunes that would befall them
were I to be let loose on them

the oether cat has been quite the pest recently
she crawled up into the computer desk and tugged mercilessly at the mouse cord
she is meowing VERY loudly and it is quite late at night
and she has gotten into the toilet paper and has rolled it around the bathrroom

part of me is quite pleased that for once I am not the one getting in trouble
But another part of me is jealous because i hadn't thought of doing that first
I guess you can't have all the good ideas

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