Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, March 13, 2001
you might woinder how it is that a cat can type on a keyboard well Wonder no further for it is none of your concern
you might as well wondr how the lamp got knocked over or how that hairball got into your shoe
these things they just happen and It is not for us to reason why.
I am a big cat and I am black and white with green eyes and I also have ears
the other cat is little and black whereas I am black and white I think you can see the fundamental differences here
also she is a pain in the butt
sometimes we play ninjas and we hide in wait to ambush the emperor or president or whoever ninjas ambush
but they never show up so we must fight each other instead
The other cat is litle and wily whereas I am strong so you can see who takes down who with Greatest skill and ease
when I grow up I should like to be a ninja or maybe a robot or a robot ninja

welcome to wow power leveling and wow gold OR wow gold
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