Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, March 16, 2001
this is a story I wrote
it is called The story of abbie who is a cat and the kitchen and the search of abbie for food in the kitchen
I hope you like it

once upon a time there was cat whose name was abbie. he was a good cat and big and strong and lived in an apartment.
one day abbie got very hungry and decided to find some food. normally youd 'think that this would be an easy task butremember
Abbie is a cat, and therefore is not allowed to use the stove or open the refirgerator.
So the cat who was Abbie jumped upon the counter to see what he could find. First he found a bowl but it was empty. then there were pots in the sink and they were not empty but they were also full of sopay water. soapy water does NOT taste good and will meka you run away.
Finally abbie looked over on the other side of the sink and lo and behold there was for him to view a giant roatisserie chicken with all the trimmings! it smelled sooooo good and looked tasty too so Abbie walekd over and bit a piece off. sure enough it was very delicious and beofre you knew it he had eaten an entire chunk out of its side! the chicken was tender and delicious and that was what he wanted. He tried to pull al leg off the chicken but ended up dumping it all on the floor where he kept eating.

just then the other cat came by and saw thatthe big cat who is named abbie was eating the chicken and had conquered it. she askefd if she could hae some too and abbie's mouth was so full he could not say NO IT IS MINE BACK OFF so she joined in eating it. when abbie was done he got up and went over to the couch and sat down and had a nice quiet nap and the other cat was still eating the chicken when the guy came in and saw the chicken on the floor being eaten by a cat and the littel cat got in a whole heap of trouble while cat abbie slept happily a fwe feet away

this is based on a true story

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