Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, March 15, 2001
the other cat today was asking all sorts of weird questions
she asked me do you ever wonder where we came from
and I said wellI know where I came from, I was just in the kitchen a momenet ago
she said no, she meant where did we come from way back wehn
and I said of course I know where we came from way back when, we had a big house and there were staircases and rooms to hide in and you always got lost in the basement and they had to go down with flashlights and find you on the air ducts
And she looked at me and I looked away and she said no, where did we come from before we were even little?
and I said I remember where -- we were in a small apartment and there was bad carpeting and two little kids who picked us up and used us for frisbees and you always hid under the dresser where they couldn't find you and then this guy came over and took us elsewhere

it was then she declared I was a lost cause
and we had to have a fight
I am big and I sat on her

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